The piano that you’ve always wanted

The Standorf Etude is the ideal way to enter the exciting world of the digital piano and music. Whether you are a beginner who just wants to fall in love with music and practice, an experienced musician who has always wanted to learn to play piano, or a professional pianist who needs a serious instrument for practice and work.  With this excellent instrument you have the chance to enjoy, grow and learn, develop your musicality and skill of digital piano playing. This digital piano is a modern musical instrument that uses the latest discoveries from the world of technology to make using it as enjoyable as possible, whilst at the same time as simple as possible.

Advanced features with an excellent sound

It comes with 16 different sounds, a full weighted touch-sensitive piano keyboard, a wide and elegant stand for music notation, a system with three piano pedals, all in a quality wooden cabinet including many useful functions. In addition to the many features, which are usually found on digital pianos, the Standorf Etude also contains various educational resources that can be used for learning musical concepts and the skill of playing the digital piano, such as Twin Piano, Split, Layer and a 3-pedal system plus 2-track recording that will especially delight music makers and those who want to record their practicing.

Elegant and modern design

The elegant and modern design will fit perfectly in a living room or any other room. With its compact size, it will easily fit into those places where a traditional upright piano or digital piano of larger dimensions cannot. A wooden piano stool is also included.

Full enjoyment from 3 piano pedals

 Model Name  Standorf Etude
 Keyboard   NHA
 Polyphony Note   Max. 64
 Sound  Preset Sound  Stereo 14 Instruments + 1 Drum +1 SFX
 * Source  DNS
 Multi Layered Sound  1 Piano
 Total Bank Memory Size  128 Mbit
 Display  3 Digit LED
 Music  Classical Music  50 Music (Internal)
 Music Key Transpose  No
 DSP  Reverb  Reverb
 Pedal  3 (Soft/Sostenuto/Damper)
 MIDI Interface  Yes
 Audio Interface  Yes (48KHz 16bit)
 Compatibility  USB 1.0 PC/ Mac/ iOS/ Android
 Record  2 Track X 1 Song
 Function  Layer  Yes
 Split  Yes
 Twin Piano  Yes
 Master Tune  Yes
 Master Key- Transepose  Yes
 Touch  Yes
 Metronome  Yes
 Terminal  USB to Host  USB Type B
 Stereo Audio Out  6.35mm Stereo
 Stereo Audio In (MP3 in)  6.35mm Stereo
 Pedal In  In
 Output  15W + 15W (1-Way 2 Speakers)
 Dimension (W x L x H)  1370 x 440 x 840 mm